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We are Digital Marketing Specialists with a track record of vastly increasing website traffic and conversions through advanced online marketing tactics.

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At Mayham & Fisher we understand every business is different, even within similar industries.  So we won’t give you an SEO strategy like everyone else’s. We will work with you to provide the best strategy for your business and place you in the best position to get ahead of your competitors.


Our SEO strategies are something we take a lot of pride in. If you want your site to be found and climb the rankings in Google searches, we can help you get there. We have taken sites with zero traffic to hundreds of thousands of monthly users in highly competitive markets. We provide top notch technical SEO, link building, and content creation services for our clients.

Web Design

Great website design is essential for creating an awesome user experience. We stay up to date with design trends and always design with speed, efficiency, and user flow in mind. We take on a limited number of design clients, but if we end up being booked up, we partner with some of the best in the industry to get the job done.


It's important to be found, especially in a highly competitive industry. Google AdWords & Bing Ads can help you do just that. Our team has experience managing campaigns on many different levels across a wide variety of industries all with different goals with monthly budgets ranging anywhere in the three to five figure range.

Paid Social

Social media is incredibly powerful, with these platforms you can reach your audience and have them engaged in ways that were never possible with traditional advertising channels. We have extensive experience with setting up advanced social ad campaign tactics and getting your message across to relevant audiences.


Online storefronts have become increasingly popular, and for good reasons. We not only have worked with some of the largest eCommerce brands in the world, but we ourselves run eCommerce sites to this day. We know the struggle on both ends of the spectrum and have found solutions for creating profitable campaigns for ourselves, and our clients.


We understand that dealing with anything online can seem overwhelming, confusing, and plain frustrating. That's why we take it upon ourselves to make things as easy as it can be for our clients to understand. We will provide you with reports each month that have easy to understand metrics to show you the progress of your online properties every month.

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Our process



Through a series of audits on your site, competitors, and top industry performers we take the time to learn all about your industry vertical to ensure we are going forward with a strategy that is going to drive results. 



With what we learn in our auditing & discovery phase we will begin to develop a unique strategy for your business to start putting you ahead of your competition.



Improving what you already have is the lowest hanging fruit. If there is an opportunity to tweak or change what you currently have, we will always leverage this first. 



This can range from content creation, paid acquisition campaigns, or email marketing funnels. Sit back and let us do the work necessary to drive traffic and leads to your site. 



Getting your site featured in publications that matter. Some of our clients have seen placements on the Seattle Times, New York Times, Forbes, How Stuff Works and a host of other publishers that move the needle for your business. 



Once we have a solid base to work from we will scale out the strategy to see continuous growth. Depending on your scope of work with us, this could mean scaling out content production, ad campaigns, or link acquisition. This will be a conversation we have together to determine the best route for your business. 

Meet the team


Wyatt Mayham

Co-Founder & SEO Director

Kiran Fisher

Co-Founder, COO, & CHO

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